Moving the Mirror Universe!

Today we moved Mrs. Berini from her 2 bedroom apartment to one nearly identical just below, except that it had 3 bedrooms.  It was disorienting, fascinating and fun!  Even the furniture was placed exactly as it was upstairs.  I almost expected a bearded evil Mr. Spock to materialize in the room!  My apologies to the folks who are not nerdy enough to get the reference.



Our First Ever Newsprint Ad in 132 years!

This Wednesday’s issue of the Durham Herald Sun is their 125th anniversary commemorative issue. It will also be the very first newsprint advertisement that J.E. Ladd & Son Transfer has ever run! To see our 1/2 page full color ad with all generations of Ladd owners, pick up an issue or download the PDF from their site on Wednesday.  Click on the photo to visit their site.




Ladd Movers and the Salvi harp in Chapel Hill

Last week we had the privilage of moving this gorgeous Salvi concert grand pedal harp while moving a household in Chapel Hill. How cool is our job?!



Don’t waste your precious vacation days on moving!

There is no need to waste your vacation days with the task of moving, we can schedule evening and weekend moves to accomodate your schedule.  We understand how frustrating it can be when service comapines only keep banker’s hours during the same schedule you have to work to pay bills and support your family.  So we offer alternatives.  And the best part is there is no additional charge for this option.  Ask a Ladd about it!  Comment on this thread if there is anything else you think would help make your move easier.

1940 billheadb


Not just Moving, we now offer Storage again!

The last time we offered storage services was in the 1940’s. We are thrilled to be brining this back! Through our partnership with County Attic, we can now give our customers options for affordable humidity-controlled, security-monitored storage!

attic bldg


J.E. Ladd & Son Movers now accepting credit cards

For the first time in 132 years J.E. Ladd & Son Transfer is now accepting Mastercard/Visa and Discover credit cards and check cards!!
With this new array of payment options, we will no longer be accepting mules or chickens in exchange for moving services Ostriches will be considered.



Ladd Moving and the Antique Safe!

Watch us tame a 2500 pound metal beast!  Here is how to move a ton and a half antique bank safe as easily as rolling out of bed.




Ladd Transfer Movers are front page news in Durham Herald Sun Newspaper

We are thrilled to have made the front page in last week’s Durham Herald Sun Newspaper!  Read the full article at the link below:

Screen Shot 2014-01-01 at 11.53.40 PM


Movers and owners Rodney Lewis, J.E. Ladd IV (retired) and J.E. Ladd V


New Partner at Ladd Transfer

Let me tell you about my brother-in-law Rodney Lewis. His nickname is Catfish. I do not recall why but as you can tell from the photo, I can venture a guess! He is incredibly fun to be around, and has one of the best senses of humor of anyone I’ve met. He’s a patient and loving father to my niece. He talks a lot, a WHOLE lot, but when you have a conversation with him he also actually listens carefully to what you say. He thinks of himself as a simple man, but he is in fact one of the most intelligent and inventive people I know. He has clever ideas and a very unique way of finding solutions to problems. He thinks things through, thoroughly and intellectually. He does compassionate deeds for strangers, just because he can. He can expertly do anything from interior decorating to rebuilding a carburetor. He has poured his soul into our family business for almost 25 years and is probably the best furniture mover currently working in NC. He is a brother to me and I cannot imagine runing the family business without him. On Wednesday he will deservedly become 1/2 owner of J.E. Ladd & Son Transfer and I cannot wait to add our partnership to the 132 year legacy of the company! Congratulations, Rodney. Well done.

– J.E. Ladd V



Moving Grandma’s things…

About 20 years ago we were moving a family and I carried a box labeled “Grandma” into the new house and asked the customer “Where do grandma’s things go?”, they replied “No, that’s actually Grandma, put her over there”. The moving company you choose will tote in their hands your family heirlooms, items you’ve worked years to acquire, and sometimes even Grandma’s ashes. My family has professionally and compassionately enjoyed the privilege of moving people since the 1800’s. No one will take better care of your treasures than us. I stake my family name on it. – J.E. Ladd V

1930 billheadcrop